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Konstantin Bohlender

Konstantin was born to be an instructor, leading others to better health. He cares to create a room fired up by motivation — and has a sharp eye for detail. He’ll catch and correct technique ( and cheating) without exceptions! His love for rowing comes from the full body exertion you experience: nothing pumps up your whole body at once like 45 minutes at RowStudio.

Really enjoyed my first class. I didn’t know you could do so much variety on a rowing machine — Anonymous, 10.01

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone trying to get a bit more cardio into their workouts! — Amanda, 13.01

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What is RowStudio?

We’re a workout studio with a mission: pioneering (true) full body workouts, centred around team-spirit. Because burning 1000+ calories, engaging 85% of your muscles, and injury-proof rowing workouts — are better together!

🔥 1000+ calories
💪🏼 85% of your muscles
💦 Kilolitres of sweat
☘️ 0.0% stress on your joints, an injury-proof workout

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