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Alina Pascarel

Alina is the do-it-all kind of girl! She speaks 5 languages fluently, and plays about every team sport that she could get her hands on. Until the age 16, she practically only wore her sports outfit. She is most happy when exercising, and especially when sharing the experience with others. The empowerment of aiming for the best together, is a unique feeling of belonging. Upon putting her hands on the ergometer – she knew this was her best tool to share it. So when you take a class with Alina, we know you will love Rowing in no time.

Great class! Quads, hamstrings and glutes on fire 🔥! Alina is an amazing trainer, guiding the session with a lot of passion and skill! Definitely coming back!
– ClassPass member (02.’24)

Alina the best 🫶🏼
– ClassPass member (12.’23)

Alina is an excellent instructor! She creates the right energy in class, always gives tips and motivates you to give it your best! Totally worth waking up early to follow the 7 am class!!!
– ClassPass member (12.’23)

10 out of 5 stars! Alina’s Superburner is amazing, a highly addictive class with great motivation and feedback from Alina.👍🏻
– ClassPass member (11.’23)

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