Our mission

At RowStudio we pioneer (true) full body workouts, centred around team-spirit

Key health benefits of rowing

1. Torch calories


Our workouts are calorie-burning monsters. When rowing vigorously, you can burn between 600 – 1,000+ calories per hour. That’s on par with running on a treadmill at an incline and more than stair climbing or stationary bicycling. Fitness trainers are incorporating them more and more into their routines and many Hollywood actors are using them exclusively to lose weight for major movie roles.

2. Improving posture


Our workouts are intense for your core. The rowing motion you repeat over and over strengthens the whole center section of your body. At the end of each stroke, when you start moving forward again, your abs are forced to make a sit-up-like movement.

At the start of the stroke, the connection between your legs and arms engages your lower back muscles. You are also sitting on a small, not particularly steady seat, so your abs and lower-back muscles fire constantly to help keep you stable. Just the basic motion strengthens your core. A stronger core will improve your overall posture.

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3. Tone all your major muscles


Our rowing-based workouts are great for toning as they work all your major muscles. Rowing works your leg muscles including the hamstrings and quadriceps, the gluteal muscles of your butt, the core muscles of your back and torso, and other upper-body muscles, including your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

You can easily adjust the resistance of our rowing machines to get a killer strength training. And to boost muscle toning even more we’ve added various sculpting exercises to our workouts.

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Our pioneers of workouts.

RowStudio’s instructors are scientists of workouts. Every excersice carefully selected to give you optimal results, and every song chosen so that you push yourself past the edge. They’re the best in the bizz, if we do say so ourselves. 

Meet the team

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What is RowStudio?

We’re a workout studio with a mission: pioneering (true) full body workouts, centred around team-spirit. Because burning 1000+ calories, engaging 85% of your muscles, and injury-proof rowing workouts — are better together!

🔥 1000+ calories
💪🏼 85% of your muscles
💦 Kilolitres of sweat
☘️ 0.0% stress on your joints, an injury-proof workout

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