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We all struggle to find an easy way how to fix your posture. We’re putting our backs through a lot of stress. Biking our way to work with heavy backpacks, helping your friends move, or some (way too) hyper-active workouts that put unnecessary tension on your spine. Here’s a trick to spot the problem — and fix your posture.

You can judge and correct your posture: with the following W-posture trick!


Stand with your lower spine, shoulders, head, elbows, and wrists pressed against a wall and your feet about 10 cm away from it. Start with your arms close to your sides and, maintaining all eight contact points, sweep your arms upward, ending in a goalpost position. Pause, then inverse the motion to come back to that starting position. Do this 10 times in a row! If any of your limbs lose contact with the wall during the set, you possibly lack the core strength and shoulder mobility needed to hold the proper posture. Correcting these imbalances can ease back pain and reduce your injury risk.


What you could do — is build the necessary core strength by practicing bird dogs, single suitcase carries, and Pallof presses three times per week. But we agree: that’s a lot of hassle.

Thank god you and me love to Row! Rowing workouts are intense for your core, and thus a great method to quickly correcting your pose. The rowing motion you repeat over and over strengthens the whole section of your body. At the end of each stroke, when you start moving forward again, your abs are forced to make a sit-up-like movement.


At the start of each stroke, the connection between your legs and arms engages your lower back muscles. You are also sitting on a small, not particularly steady seat, so your abs and lower-back muscles fire constantly to help keep you stable. Just this basic motion strengthens your core. A stronger core will improve your overall posture, and rowing is the best method to get there.

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