3 (unexpected) ways to have better mental focus

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To achieve better mental focus, people say you need a little bit of time to yourself every day. But that’s harder than it sometimes seems! Whether it is 5 minutes, a 45-minute rowing workout, or even a day-off a week: getting that well-deserved mental focus can seem like excess in your busy schedule. We’ve gathered some pro-tips to concentrate better in a few unexpected ways – to make it a bit more fun. 

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1. Push your limits.

This might surprise you – a high-intensity training is a masterful method to clear the mind. You’ll be so busy sweating, you won’t have time to think of anything else! The RowStudio Ripped is our ultimate HIIT: it’s not for the faint of heart. But will definitely give you a serene rush when you leave the studio. Check our schedule, and pop a thousand calories when you join this class.

2. Commit to it.

People swear by it: 10 minutes of meditation a day. As intimidating as this commitment seems, the list of benefits is long! Reduces stress, and makes space in the mind for clarity. A friendly app like Headspace or Calm will throw you a daily prompt, so you won’t forget.

3. Singing in the shower!

A favorite at our studio! Blast some music while in the shower, and Mariah-Carey-it-out. If this does not come intuitively to you — this will be uncomfortable at first. But there is no doubt about it: it brightens your day, and will clear the mind of any daunting thoughts. You shower anyway, so might as well make it the moment to better your mental focus. 

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