Does rowing actually help me get toned?

toning your muscles fast with rowing

Does rowing actually help you tone your muscles? And how fast? Sometimes we feel like we’re cheated by our workouts; you’ve tried every exercise known to man to get that clean set of abs, but still didn’t get that hot summer body that you paid for! Here’s what rowing will actually do to your muscles.

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Toned and lean muscles

Rowing works all your major muscles. The upper body is in constant use: the pulling back of the chain stimulates your back, arms and shoulders. A wonderful benefit of gaining strength here, is that it greatly improves your posture. When you extend your legs backwards, the lower body pulls your quads and hamstrings.

Continuously challenge

A main criteria for success: varying resistance. Just an hour on the ergometer won’t cut it! If you want bigger biceps or shredded abs, rowing will benefit these areas best if you put your muscles through different levels of resistance. Alternating this with focused exercises that isolate muscular groups, maximizes the results. Rowing is a perfect combination for overall cardio and strength, if you design your workout right.


The right combination within a training is key. At RowStudio, we’d like to think of ourselves as curators of workouts — we pioneer and select every exercise until we have structured a perfect 45 minutes. Make sure you have the right amount of resistance, at the right intervals.

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