Goals are achieved faster together

Club RowStudio is about never giving up. About setting your goals and pursuing them. About inspiration. To get the best out of yourself and each other. How? Read on below.

Membership of Club RowStudio is included for FREE in all RowStudio memberships and workout packages. 

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Set your personal goals
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Analyze your performance
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Compare your results
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Challenge others
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Celebrate your achievements
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Be proud of yourself


Results have never been so tangible

Data geeks, we’ve got you covered. After the workout, login to your personal dashboard and go wild! Every workout you improve your rowing technique and increase your strength and endurance. The data proves it.


We're in this together

In our group workouts, some participants are just a little more equal than others. Your coach will help you set your goals, pays extra attention to your rowing technique and gives you that push when you need it. Everything for you to be the best version of yourself.

Power Clinic
Race Day
Kids clinic


Engage, enjoy, explore!

Rowing on the water, a clinic for kids, a tryout of a new trainer, cool summer drinks. As a member of Club RowStudio, you are more than welcome at these events. What do we have in store for the future? Keep an eye on the member page.

What is RowStudio?

We’re a workout studio with a mission: pioneering (true) full body workouts, centred around team-spirit. Because burning 1000+ calories, engaging 85% of your muscles, and injury-proof rowing workouts — are better together!

🔥 1000+ calories
💪🏼 85% of your muscles
💦 Kilolitres of sweat
☘️ 0.0% stress on your joints, an injury-proof workout

Help us pioneer workouts.

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