Are you looking for a workout to help you reduce your body fat? Rowing might be your solution. The combination of endurance and strength training will help you reach your goal of getting that body you are wishing for.


Rowing is a great example of endurance training. It will make you sweat and get your blood pumping. The workout requires a lot of energy and therefore makes you burn a great amount of calories. To make you really get your heart rate up we use high intensity intervals (HIIT) and endurance blocks to boost your metabolism. This will help you to burn calories inside the studio as well as when you walk out of the studio after the workout.


In our workouts we combine the endurance exercises with strength exercises to help increase your muscle mass. Rowing requires you to use most of the major muscle groups. To help grow those muscles we use resistance on the machine. Additionally, we have blocks of ground exercises to further isolate specific muscle groups. The workout will thus increase your muscle mass. More muscle mass means your metabolism will increase and therefore you will burn more fat.


At RowStudio we carefully select the exercises to give you the perfect combination of strength and endurance training. Our workouts will transform your metabolism into MEGA-bolsim and your body fat will decrease in no-time.

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