Club RowStudio — Updated!

Our new, freshly updated Club RowStudio platform is live! 💪 — You might be wondering, what’s changed? Well, here’s a sneak peek at five eye catching updates:



Under the header, you’ll now find a summary of your workout. Discover your Peak Power, how the class performed, and where you rank. Easily compare your score with your average and personal best. Swipe left to view similar details for your Distance and Average Power. You can also review past workouts by selecting them from the list. Results have never been so tangible with Club RowStudio. 




On Club RowStudio’s Homepage, you can check out the day’s top performers. We spotlight the ‘Beasts’ and ‘Queens’ who’ve rowed the greatest distance in a workout and those who’ve achieved the highest Peak Watts. So, for those who like to challenge themselves, let’s go for that #1 spot!




As a Club RowStudio member, you can enjoy free participation in our upcoming events. We’re kicking off with a New Trainer Try-out featuring Ton Stevens on February 4th at 1PM, followed by a Row Intro on February 13th at 8PM. For more details, visit Club RowStudio’s Homepage where you’ll also find a link to sign up. And there’s more to look forward to, like Row Races, where you can test your speed over distances like 500 meters and see where you stand in Concept2’s global rankings!




Forgot which spot you wee on? With the latest update, the workout Highlights displayed in the lobby now include the names of participants. And if you’ve really excelled, your name might even appear in the Monthly Rankings, which you can find under the Trophy icon on the dashboard. We have rankings for Peak Power, Distance and Average Power, all based on the last 30 days. Prefer a different name or to remain anonymous? Simply change your ‘Display Name’ in the Club RowStudio settings (look for the cogwheel tab). Plus, you can filter the rankings to view either the Queens or the Beasts.




Curious about what a Watt really means, how to adjust the resistance on your rowing machine, what your curve should look like, and what we mean by stroke rate? Dive into our short blogs under ‘Master your Data’. Packed with helpful information and tips, they’re designed to help you get the most out of your RowStudio workout.



Explore all these features and more on our new Club RowStudio dashboard – dive in and see for yourself!

Club RowStudio


Club RowStudio access is included in all RowStudio workout packages and memberships.

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