Power-up with Tycho

Power up with Tycho

Power-up with Tycho

Early this year, Kim took her team’s performance to a next level. Now it is Tycho’s turn. In six workouts, he’s going to help you be fitter and stronger than you’ve ever been!

6 Wednesday mornings from 8.00 – 8.45AM
starting on April 5
, 2023



  • A three-minute time race as a baseline.
  • Six workouts of increasing intensity with the same team.
  • Lots of personal attention to improve your rowing form. Lots of red blocks to boost your stamina.
  • Participation in an app group where Tycho shares his knowledge, gives you tips and extra motivation.
  • A weekly challenge to keep you focused and active between the workouts.
  • Video coaching with an analysis of your rowing stroke, personal feedback and training advice.
  • A final three-minute time race to prove to yourself that you have made substantial progress.

All this for just €99.

Want to commit yourself to power-up? Do you think you can do it?

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Frequently asked questions

When do the workouts take place?
The workouts will take place from 8.00-8.45AM on:

  • Wednesday 5 April
  • Wednesday 12 April
  • Wednesday 19 April
  • Wednesday 26 April
  • Wednesday 3 May
  • Wednesday 10 May

How does the signup work?
You can signup by buying the special Power-up series and book a spot in all 6 workouts. The program proceeds, when we have 19 applications in. If there are not 19 applications on 3 April, we will inform you by email and refund the paid amount.

I already have a series/membership, can I join the Power-up program with that?
You can only join the Power-up program after purchasing the Power-up series. We make an exception if you have an active Unlimited membership. In that case, you can join the program for an additional fee of €19. Click here to buy the supplement.

Is only 1 workout per week enough to seriously boost my power?
For optimal results we recommend joining 1-2 additional regular Launch, Ripped or Booty workouts per week. So it would be great to combine the Power-up program with your Row Lite membership or with booking workouts through OneFit or ClassPass.

What if I can’t participate in all 6 workouts?
If you are unable to attend, you can cancel your booking up to 12 hours before the workout, but your entitlement to the workout will then expire. You can not reschedule. If you cancel your booking within the said 12-hour period or do not show up, we charge a fee of 10 euros. We do this because we would find it unfortunate if places remain empty. Let’s finish this together!

Is the Power-up program bookable through ClassPass or OneFit?
It is not possible to book the workouts of the Power-up program  through ClassPass or OneFit. If you normally book through ClassPass and want to purchase the Power-up series, we can make sure that your data will be on the same account. To do so, contact us via the app tool at the left bottom corner of your screen or via email:

Is this program only for advanced rowers?
No. Anyone can join. In fact, this program is ideally suited to introduce you to our rowing workouts. Tycho will guide you through your first steps and is uniquely qualified to help you grow and achieve your personal goals.

Who is the trainer?
In principle all workouts will be hosted by our head trainer Tycho. If Tycho is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, another RowStudio trainer will take over.

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