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Samen sterker

We all know exercise is good for the body, but did you know that having a couple of extra people in the room is good for your exercise too? Research shows that being part of a community can improve your fitness goals.


Just the presence alone of someone you know or care about, will affect your ability to execute an activity. Even though you already feel competent doing an exercise, bringing a friend or partner can improve your speed or power without you being aware of their influence. There is one condition to this: if you are at the start of learning a new skill, someone familiar watching over you is more likely to make you quit. So take the time to master the exercise, then bring your friend or partner along to give your performance a nice boost!


During our workouts we use metrics on the big screen so you can compete against the rest of your team. We do a time race to see how far you can row in two or three minutes. Your distance will be shown and you can see if someone is just a bit faster than you, so you can push just a little harder and win! We work with have two leagues, the Queens and the Beasts, so you can compare your watts or distance to your peers. Our trainers will use the metrics to push you just a bit more and help you reach a new personal record.


Peers can give you motivation when you need it the most. Because, opting out is simply not an option. Going to a regular class with your best buddy might lower the bar of getting that workout routine in. Are your friends not as motivated as you are? Meeting new friends at RowStudio is very easy, when you hang around for coffee after class. You’ll have one thing in common for sure: loving to row!

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