Low-impact: the workout for all

Low Impact

The RowStudio workouts are designed to make you feel fitter and stronger, without compromising your safety. Our workouts are low impact.

There can be some confusion around what a “low-impact workout” means. Maybe you think it sounds as if it eliminates the thing that we are doing it for – results! Luckily that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you think a low-impact workout does not sound like the kind of activity for you, you should definitely read on!


The amount of ‘impact’ you experience during a workout, is generally measured by the amount of contact you make with the ground. High impact exercises let you forcefully collide with the ground at a fast pace, putting a lot of pressure onto your joints. Think of running, boxing and CrossFit. Low-impact is quite the opposite: with little jumping, skipping and running involved — no stress is pressed onto the joints.


When you are considering what kind of workout suits you best: don’t be fooled. Even though the principle of the exercise is low-impact — that doesn’t mean the workout is simply playing-it-safe. If you go for it during our workouts, they will get you dripping in sweat and your heart racing. Only without damaging pressure put onto your precious body!

Rowing is a great example of a low-impact exercise. In the first place: it’s an exercise performed while sitting. Still, the rowing machine works every muscle in your body while also engaging your heart and lungs, allowing you to greatly improve your endurance. The constant interaction of the muscles and stamina training, lets you train your strength and blast fat all at once.


There is not really another way to put it: rowing is for everyone. It is great for all ages, and at all different levels of intensity, because of these injury-safe factors. And if you are struggling with a joint, bone or connective tissue injury — our low-impact workouts are perfect for in the recovery phase. And even if you’re pregnant, you’ll get through this thing because of the easy motions. No excuse not to do it, actually.

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