Vincent talks to us about putting the ‘intensity’ in a HIIT workout


This December, we’re offering 3 extreme 60-minute workouts, just before for the holidays. Because indulging in holiday carbs, feels much better after a crazy good workout. This extreme workout is a 60-minute serious HIIT: a High Intensity Interval Training. Vincent talks all about what a HIIT workout entails — and questions whether this kind of crazy is effective for the heart.

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“A High Intensity Interval Training is quite exactly what it stands for,” according to Vincent. “You alternate the high-tempo exercises with slower exercises. Variation in exercise is key to great results, and keeps your heart upbeat.” And those results are why HIIT workouts are incredibly popular these days. It is a hyper effective method to blast fat, and improve your endurance. “It gives you a major feeling of ecstasy. You’ll be losing calories up to an hour after you’re done sweating, and it even improves your rhythm of appetite!”


“With the Turkey Burn, we wanted to take HIIT to an extreme level”, Vincent continues. “You should try this training if you are motivated by a high energy environment: these 45 minutes will push you to give your all. And will make you feel happier for it!” If you want to torch the December carbohydrates or ensure you start the year fitter than ever: a HIIT workout is your good fit.


Vincent is honest about all the effects: “Exploiting the body is the only problem when it comes to HIIT”. Studies have shown that is not a health concern for people with sensitive cardiovascular systems. But if you have a fast metabolism, one should definitely pace oneself and one’s heart. “Measuring your heart rate is a good way to make sure you are not exacerbating your body all too much. I gave in to the trend and bought a smartwatch. Now I know what my body is up to at all times!”

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