Was drinking coffee before your workout a good idea?


Some people say that drinking some coffee is beneficial to torching serious amounts of calories. If you’ve not been keeping up with the discussion on the health and fitness forums, there are ways to do this wrong! Here’s the round up of its benefits, and how to do it right:

Burn, baby, burn!

A cup of coffee before your workout accelerates your metabolism — and thus increase the number of calories you burn during your workout. If you don’t add any additives to your coffee, you will blast up to 15% more fat!


The boost of energy makes you a push little harder, which results in faster improvements in your overall endurance. A group of American Scientists discovered that consuming the caffeine of two to three (!) cups of coffee one hour before a high-intensity training reduced the muscle pain of the participators significantly, for this very reason.


As your body gets a little older day-by-day, there is a natural loss of muscle strength that occurs. Several studies have shown that caffeine may help preserve muscle strength (particularly around the diaphragm, and skeletal muscle. This helps you breathe better, and actually helps you live a little longer!

We can easily conclude that a good portion of caffeine before you train can lead to better endurance, improved results, and even less harmful workout experiences! As long you take the following 3 things in consideration:

  1. Moderation! Be consistent with the amount of coffee you take a day, and don’t drink too much.
  2. Timing! Drink your caffeine beverage 30 to 60 minutes before your workout. This has been shown in all test results as best timing
  3. Spoonful of sugar? No way. Pure and black coffee is the true fuel that enhances your workout results.

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