Try-out and shoot!


No, no, no, we’re not shooting anyone! ???? Our photographer, Merijn Soeters, shot pictures, beautiful ones. To gather ammunition for social media and build our website, we organized a photo session. We combined it with some rowing group class try-outs, hosted by our RowStudio instructor team. What an amazing day it was! Everyone having fun, it once again was confirmed that no rowing experience is required to enjoy the RowStudio full-body workouts to the max.

Since our studio at the Stadhouderskade is still under construction, we were warmly welcomed by student rowing club Skøll, in their brand new training room. The only disadvantage of this room is that it’s situated on the top floor of the building. Getting our RP3 Dynamic indoor rowers up and down the stairs, made us sweat as much as the rowing! Some members of the rowing club suggested us to just leave the machines at Skøll. Sorry guys.

Soon the results of the shoot will appear on our website and social media. We hope you like them. The results of the try-outs you can experience once we have opened the doors of RowStudio. We can hardly wait! Want to be the first to know about our launch? Follow us via Facebook or Instagram.

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