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Kim Janssen

When you look up perfectionist in the dictionary, you might find a picture of Kim there. She’s been rowing since she was 19, and now eats an entire jar of peanut butter a week to champion through her fifth year of competitive rowing. You can imagine she’s a total natural — and ergometer rowing is no challenge for her. So now she’s ready for a brand new challenge! As she is pulling the home stretch on her academic career in Medicine, she’s wants to fuse her talent for rowing and her care for people. She pioneers her workouts to be the ultimate body enhancers, and fun for all!

Amazing class with Kim as usual. Energetic, fun and incredible energy. Kim always gives personal feedback and tips during the class as well as advice for injuries.
– ClassPass member (06.’23)

Loved the instructor. She does a great job at motivating the whole group as well as personal guidance. Very friendly. Would recommend.
– ClassPass member (02.’23)

Kim is the best instructor!
– ClassPass member (02.’23)

Kim is so sweet & attentive to the class, loved all the tips on how to improve the rowing technique and felt super motivated throughout the entire workout to exceed my own metrics.
– ClassPass member (11.’22)

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