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Mika Bekkers

If you are focussed on achieving your goals, Mika is your kinda guy. He sets goals for himself and does not let go before they’re in the pocket. At RowStudio Mika’s objective is to tweek your rowing technique and make you see the results you want in no time. Need some time to relax? Just ask him about the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and you’ll be able to catch your breath. But beware, when your heartbeat has dropped a little, it’s time again to move that ass!


Mika was really great! High energy and corrected my form when I needed it.
– ClassPass member (09.’21)


Great workout and very intense! Mika makes sure to highlight the technical details of the exercises, and gives lots of personal feedback as well.
– ClassPass member (09.’21)


My favorite trainer at Row Studios: Pushes you to the limit in a positive and constructive way. even after more than 10 lessons I still get tips & tricks to improve my technique. Looking forward to see you back in March! – ClassPass member (09.’22)


Mika simply the best! – ClassPass member (09.’22)

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