Row is 3 — and we’re having a treat!


Extra workouts with a Lite or Gold membership

This September, RowStudio celebrates its third birthday! We are celebrating by giving away free classes. If you sign up in September for a Lite membership with a duration of six months, you can participate in not four workouts each month, but five! And if you sign up for a Gold membership with a duration of six months, then you can even participate in ten workouts each month, instead of the usual eight.

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Do you want to convert your membership? Please send an email to or use the chat function in the left bottom corner of your screen. We will be happy to assist you!


Free access to your workout performance data

Also for those who participate in our workouts through OneFit or ClassPass we have something nice in store! Starting September 14, you can scan a QR code on the screen in the lobby after your workout, which will give you access to your performance data from the workout. How many kilometers did you row and how does that compare to the other participants? You can see it all. For free. That’s our B-day treat to you!

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