#SHARETHESWEAT and win an UNLIMITED membership!


Embrace the spirit of togetherness and #ShareTheSweat by introducing* friends to RowStudio! Imagine the laughter, the encouragement, and the sense of accomplishment as you and your buddies conquer the rowing machine together!

As we indulge in festive feasts, let’s balance the holiday cheer with an invigorating workout. Burn those extra calories and stay fit amidst the festivities. 🦃🔥 Plus, introducing your friends to the world of rowing could be the perfect gift for both of you!


1. Log into your RowStudio account and select “Invite a friend
Insert your friend’s email address and add a personal note
3. Press “Send

That’s it! Your friend will receive an email containing a promocode to book a free workout. Join the workout together and present your card to get a sticker. Card full? Then drop it in the box and… fingers crossed! Winners will be announced on January 1, 2024.

Usually booking through a platform such as ClassPass or OneFit? Also you can introduce friends to RowStudio & win! Just create your RowStudio account here and follow the 3 steps described above. 

* Please note you can only invite friends who have not joined a RowStudio workout in the past 12 months, having booked directly or through any platform. In all other cases the booking will be removed and no prizes can be won.

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