Club RowStudio explained

Maybe you’ve heard something about Club RowStudio. But you don’t know the finer points yet. We went to ask our founder, Benno, for clarification.


What is Club RowStudio?

Club RowStudio is about two things. Connecting our fans and motivating them to get the best out of themselves. As a Club RowStudio member you choose a coach and get access to your personal dashboard. There you can view your performance data after your workout. This way you can see how many kilometers you have rowed and whether that distance is above or below your average.

At Club RowStudio you can keep track of how your average Wattage is developing and if it suits someone your gender and age. Together with your coach you set a goal and you’ll receive an email immediately after the workout when you’ve achieved it.

As a member of Club RowStudio you get all kinds of fun benefits. You can participate in try-outs for free, buy merchandise with discount and of course you will receive a nice welcome gift.

What does it cost?

If you have a Club RowStudio membership or an unexpired drop-in class, 10-pack or 20-pack, Club RowStudio membership is included and completely free of charge. You can login to Club.RowStudio with the credentials of your RowStudio account. Handy, right?

ClassPass & OneFit

Booking our workouts via ClassPass? You can still become a member of Club RowStudio. The costs then amount to €8 per month (plus €12 registration fee). To activate your membership, please follow the next steps:

  1. Send us an email applying for the membership. We will send you your credentials to log into your ClassPass account at RowStudio.
  2. Log into your ClassPass account at RowStudio and take out the membership of Club RowStudio.
  3. Log into

We are still in discussion with OneFit, hopefully we will also find a technical solution for their members soon.

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