Going the distance – track your meters at RowStudio

The RowStudio dashboard gives you insights about the number of meters you row every class! So, what should you aim for?

The total distance will vary depending on the class you book. Some RowStudio workouts focus more on short sprints and intense intervals (RowStudio Ripped), while others put a bigger emphasis on learning the basic technique and spending more time on the machine (RowStudio Launch).

But on average, during a RowStudio workout, you’ll spend about 30 of the 45 minutes on the rowing machine. If you manage an average split of 2:15, that means you would row about 6,500 meters total per class.

Fun fact: – every year there are a few hundred people who row across the Atlantic Ocean. The most common route is more than 6,000 kilometers, or roughly 1,000 RowStudio classes! The fastest solo attempt was completed in 38 days and 9 hours.

Keeping track of the distances you row each class will help you to see your improvement over time. Better technique and more endurance will help you gain more meters as you go along. And the more meters you put it, the more you’ll get out of it.



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