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Now that the corona virus has entered our lives for about a year, we are seeing its effects on a large scale. In addition to worries about sick family members, the virus is also having an impact on an individual and societal level. Many have to work compulsorily at home, have less work or even no work at all. Parents have to teach their children in addition to working from home. Additionally, you can’t go to the pub, theater, soccer match or chill out with friends.

We’re all affected

It is clear that almost everyone is personally affected in one way or another by the virus or the measures to control it. The associated worries can lead to anxiety symptoms, disrupted sleep rhythms, physical fatigue, difficulty concentrating and fretting. If this continues for too long, burnout could be on the horizon.

Do you recognize yourself in the above, and do you doubt that you might be close to burnout? Then do a check like this one and consult a doctor if you recognize or have any doubt. This also applies to other severe mental symptoms, for which you should always go to a doctor. If it is not yet time to visit the doctor but you still feel mentally not quite fit, then there are some things you can pay attention to.

Let me help!

First and foremost, get outdoors and exercise. There are several studies that have shown that exercising outside can have a big positive impact on stress levels. Exercising outside is a good way to ensure that you produce vitamin D and endorphins, both of which contribute to better physical and mental health, so 2 birds with one stone! But on top of that, I have six more tips for you:

  1. Do chair yoga in your work break – you can find great lessons on YouTube.
  2. Take a walk – download the app Ommetje and take a short walk regularly.
  3. Read a book – you probably haven’t gotten around to it in a long time.
  4. Take a power nap – the best way to refresh your brain.
  5. Turn off your phone – force yourself to turn off your mobile at 9pm for a week.
  6. Meditate – download the app Calm and do a short meditation after a busy day at work.

Now if you’ll just pick two tips besides exercising and actually put them into practice.


Who’s Dr. Kirsten? Kirsten is 28 years old, living in de Pijp, Amsterdam and provides you regularly with all the answers to your burning Health questions. Aiding you with tips and tricks so you can train responsibly!


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