Compare trainings — track your progress


At RowStudio we work with a fixed training schedule. This way we enable you to track your progress or enjoy that amazing workout one more time!  

How does it work?

As you may have noticed, the timelines of our Launch, Ripped and Booty workouts usually are different. For this, we have a huge database of trainings, built by our trainers. On the dates with the same number/color, the same trainings are offered. This counts for the Launch, the Ripped and the Booty workouts.


If you enjoyed the Launch workout on Friday 1 April (training #5/blue) and you feel like doing the same training again, make sure you book a spot in any Launch workout on 9, 15, 23 or 20 April. On the tablet of your rowing machine and in your Club RowStudio dashboard, you can view your rowing data: the peak Watts, average Watts and the distance you rowed. Into a challenge? Add 250 meters to your distance, every time you do the same training!


We would love to hear your feedback about this schedule! Just tell our trainers or frontdesk staff. And feel free to send and email to





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