Rowing together — on a distance

Finally some rowing is allowed! But there are a lot of restrictions and most of the training areas are still closed. It’s quite difficult to keep your rowing condition up to scratch. Maybe you can use your erg at home, but that’s boring. Unless you do an online workout from RowStudio!

Personal feedback

At RowStudio we have something you’re going to like. We provide online rowing workouts for small groups via Zoom. The trainings take 45 minutes and are given by experienced rowers, including Olympic rowing twins Vincent and Tycho Muda. They provide instruction and targeted feedback on your rowing technique. On your screen you’ll see a timeline with a schematic view of the lesson. A pointer indicates where we are and what we are doing.


The training sessions are always different. However, we always start with the rowing technique. Think of pauses, legs (and back) only, half/quarter slide rowing and rowing with closed eyes. We alternate that with power ladders, pyramids and/or sprints. Occasionally we go off the rowing machine, for example to do squats or sit-ups. In this way we not only make sure that the lesson is nice and varied, but also that you have trained all your muscle groups in 45 minutes.

The online lessons from RowStudio are challenging, fun and instructive, also for me as an experienced rower! Tycho and Vincent Muda know how to convey their top athletic experience in a pleasant way so that I can get the best out of myself and the training. It is addictive in a positive way.
Sjoerd Hachmer, wsv De Ank

How does it work?

You create an account online and book a place in one of the training sessions via the schedule. Half an hour before the start you will receive an e-mail with a link. Click on the link and you’re in class. The email also contains instructions on how to set up your tablet or laptop so that you can see our instructor and he/she can see you. That’s it!

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No rowing machine? Rent an RP3 at our friends of MudaGym incl. online training for 139,- p/m.
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